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If you like penguins and extremely large carrots…

big bunnyAnd walks in the rain.  Well, actually, no.  There’s nothing about walks in the rain in this book.

But there are a lot of things that don’t make sense, so if you need a book that makes sense, look elsewhere.

This one is still fun, especially if you are young.  Why?  Big bunnies with big bunny behinds right in the middle of the page.  That’s funny, right?  Penguins driving truckloads of carrots.  Giraffes driving busloads of penguins.  Cabbages reading stories to baby cabbages tucked under bedspreads with carrots. What?

Rowboat Watkins describes himself as a “dad who likes to tell stories and draw.”  Could you find a less wacky description of yourself?  So perhaps there is something deeper, more sinister, or just more ridiculous here. Hmmmm.

Big Bunny by Rowboat Watkins

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When you are young and you have an imagination….

petewithnopantsHere’s what I love about Pete With No Pants:

·         Pete is an elephant.  Pete does not want to wear pants.

·         Pete uses his imagination to become a boulder and a squirrel, because they’re gray and they don’t wear pants.

·         Pete’s mom is cool, although she wears hats and dresses and–I’m sorry to say this–old lady pajamas.

This is a sweet book, with a lot to look at.  I don’t think I could pull off a read-aloud with it – the details are too small to really share well with a group.  But it’s funny and cute and ends with a rainbow, even if I secretly wish Pete’s mom was wearing yoga pants and a ball cap.

Pete With No Pants by Rowboat Watkins


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