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Grief and how to look at it

where do they goSome years ago, a dear friend told me to keep an eye out for blinking lights.  “When you see them, you’ll know it’s me on the other side,” she said.  Once you start noticing it, lights are blinking all the time.  So, of course, I think of her every time.  And they are always good memories – eating her cookies, talking (in a kind way) about everyone we knew in common, remembering the time she held my just-born son only a few weeks before she died.

Death and grief can be tough topics for adults to address with kids, but it has to happen, right?  It’s part of life to deal with death, and finding gentle ways to grieve and remember can help kids realize that.

Where Do They Go tackles it head on, but in a way that leaves the door open to many interpretations, religions, and backgrounds.  The pictures support the words and bring out the joy in remembering and sadness of losing someone.

Where Do They Go by Julia Alvarez and Sabra Field

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