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What to do when you have opera-singing, cheerleading, sheep, and cowboy neighbors…

noisy nightNo wonder the old guy upstairs isn’t getting any sleep!  There are just too many loud people and animals in this place.  Who’s the landlord?

It’s not like I’d been thinking I needed a reminder of the neighbors who liked to play bongo drums on the roof outside my window several years ago. (At three in the morning.  On weeknights.  And they called me “dude” when I asked them to stop.  “Sorry, dude.”  Really.) Sometimes you just can’t avoid the memories that flood in while you’re reading picture books, right?  (I’m kidding there.)

But this book is not about following rules, appropriate behavior, or making good choices – it’s about the rhyme, my friends.  There are enough quirky things to make adults smile (as well as a few things they might need to explain) and much that will keep the storytime crowd engaged and thinking ahead to the next rhyme.  And it’s Mac Barnett.  So get out your trumpet, warm up your record player, and get ready to dance.  Or read.  One of those.

Noisy Night by Mac Barnett and Brian Biggs

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I’m not a real librarian. I just play one at the library.

Liamalibrarianabels are so important in helping us figure out who we think other people are, right?  Pile on the stereotypes, and we’re good to go!

Children’s books about occupations sometimes fill that role, too, explaining what all kinds of people in the neighborhood do.  The Tinyville Town librarian could be me, if I had an MLIS, rode the bus, and was a different gender.  People ask me questions all the time, I help them find information, I know where those elephant books are hiding, and, dagnabbit, I like a good mystery, too.

People still think I’m a librarian, because to most people, working at the library makes you one.  Yes, I’m state-certified, but I have an advanced degree in the wrong thing, so here I am, five or so years into running the rides at Library-land, and I don’t usually call myself a librarian.  Instead, I say I work at the library.

I might not carry the cool label, but I do know a thing or two.  One thing is that books about occupations are usually kind of boring if Curious George is not involved. Tinyville Town might be a little predictable, but there’s some fun in its mildly snarky illustrations.  And this is my new favorite book for librarians, although it might be nice if a few female librarians were in it, too.  Six years ago, the American Library Association said that 83% of librarians were women. I totally get working a little diversity into the mix on gender roles, but I want to see what Tinytown’s female librarian looks like, too. Like me, maybe?  Just a thought.

I am a Librarian (Tinyville Town) by Brian Biggs

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