Let’s talk about what it is and not what it’s not

city of islandsSo I’d put this book on hold before it was even published.  Then I checked it out, and it sat in my stack for a few days.  And I read the inside flap about four times.  Magical kids who don’t really know they’re magic.  Sigh.

I read a few chapters, and then half, and then three-fourths of the book.  I’m not sure I was 100% into this book until the last three chapters.  Does that mean it isn’t a good book?  It does not.

It is a good book, and I’d guess that’s even more true for kids who love fantasy for the chance to imagine themselves overcoming their struggles in another world.  There is a lot of world-building going on, uncovering secrets from the past, disappointment, betrayal, friendship.  Also creepy mages who want to combine people with lizards to get close to what seems like a mythical lost group of “founders.”

When all was said and done, I liked the book, even though I’d somehow not wanted to like it most of the way through.  There were surprises, and over time, the main character became someone I cared about.  I’m not always in the mood for magic and fantasy–so much is poorly done–but this one’s worth a look.

City of Islands by Kali Wallace


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