Fighting crime with a swell plastic wig*

super potato*Small side note – I have loved plastic wigs—colorful, molded, goofy, form-fitting masterpieces of kitsch—since I was in kindergarten.  Mrs. Smith had 4 or 5 of them in the bin next to the play kitchen, and we fought over them.  My favorite?  The blue (or was it purple?) bouffant flip dream.  My ideal morning playtime would have been wearing that plastic wig and riding the little tractor around the room.  Sadly, the kindergarten boys of the time did not appreciate girls who wanted to ride tractors.  But maybe I have that to thank for my feminism.

So, back to the story.  Super Max is an awesome, blond strongman, and he’s always vanquishing the evil Dr. Malevolent.  Super Max might be just a tiny bit vain (understatement) but he’s a good guy, right?

Dr.  Malevolent is just evil enough to realize that the ultimate weapon would change Super Max, as well as various important government officials, into potatoes.  But no worries – there are action figure plastic wigs to make even the roundest potato regain his superhero vibe.

It is silly, but it is wonderful.  There will be chuckling.  There might be doodling afterwards. And there will be sequels.  Lovely.

Super Potato: The Epic Origin of Super Potato by Artur Laperla

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