Wild love

heartbeat-9781481435208_lgHeartbeat is not your stereotypical cute, rhyming, animal-charactered children’s book.  There is an animal – a whale.  There is a cute kid later on.  There is love and even a little rhyming.

But there you are, floating along, trying to figure out what’s happening with the swirls and the whales and all, and then you’re talking about lights and wars and stuff.  This one has a very definite flow, and it’s beautiful, but it’s not light-hearted or silly.  Not even a bit.

Be sure to read the author’s note at the end.  It’ll explain any of the references you missed along the way, and it’ll remind you of how important all of our heartbeats are to making this world a better place.

Heartbeat by Evan Turk


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