Finding new readers for old stories

aaron bloom “Thinly disguised” is what caught my eye in the two lines of a book review I could see in my Google search for this book’s cover.  “Thinly disguised what?” I wondered.

Yes, I could see the long list of publications before the title page.  No, I haven’t read anything by this author before.  I usually avoid reading others’ reviews of books I plan to blog about, and this is why.  I like to form my own impression of something before I read what other people think.  (Throw this out the window when it comes to talking about books, however.)

Apparently, A. E. Hotchner must have written on this time and place before.  Does it affect my reading?  Obviously not.  I don’t know his work.  Maybe I’d feel different after reading his actual autobiography, but this is a historical fiction sort of mystery, not an academic research paper.

It’s a fine and generally sweet story, too.  Aaron’s dad is caught up in a jewelry store heist, so Aaron must find and use all the connections a twelve-year-old could access in Depression era St. Louis in an effort to set him free.   There are bad guys and good guys and child welfare ladies on the hunt for him, but with the help of some news boys and people living in the Hooverville, you just know he’ll succeed.

The Amazing Adventures of Aaron Bloom by A.E. Hotchner

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