I’m a pencil! I’m a star!

1.-Goodbye-Brings-Hello_White_cover-1-300x300Milestones just fly by you when you’re around little ones.  New experiences blast towards you, and sometimes fly past without creating a breeze.  Other times, it’s tougher.

When my son was a little guy, we realized that every new experience was really three days of transition.  After that, it would mostly be ok.  Except for one thing – leaving was hard — watching Dad leave for work, being left at preschool, watching Grandma and Grandpa go home, that kind of thing.  One of the day care staff suggested we have a routine when we parted, so we started doing send-offs with a sort of jumping jack thing they did – I’m a pencil! (arms straight up in the air) I’m a star! (arms and legs out like a jumping jack)  We still do it sometimes for fun, although not when I drop him off at work or high school.  I would enjoy that; he would not.

Goodbye Brings Hello is a reminder of all of the successes in front of you when you’re a little one.  Some of them are tough, yes, but with people who love you and a little encouragement, everything will be ok.

Goodbye Brings Hello by Dianne White and Daniel Wiseman.

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