Don’t we all think we’re different?

geraldineGeraldine the giraffe certainly feels that way.  She’s moved to a new town and is starting a new school and is just That Giraffe Girl to most of the kids.  She meets a girl who wears glasses and likes MATH and organizes her food – good grief!  that’s different?!! – and they become friends.  Eventually, Geraldine and Cassie branch out and find new friends.

Little by little, awful first days and labels can drop away, but it’s not always a smooth process. You might have to play Tree Number Two if you are especially tall, for example.

Geraldine by Elizabeth Lilly

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One thought on “Don’t we all think we’re different?

  1. Chris Knox says:

    I read this book. It is really cute! Especially since we have a giraffe named “Geraldine Geordi” at our library!


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