When you just can’t take it anymore

Hope Never Dies_final_72Here’s the thing, people.  I can’t even turn on the news with my kid in the car anymore.  I just can’t be sure I won’t let out a string of curse words about the latest stupid and awful thing going on.

But then one night I’m browsing the ebook offerings at my library in the middle of the night – they’re wonderful, by the way – and I come across this one.  I admit that I put it on hold just because it’s so darn goofy-sounding.  Joe Biden as a detective?  Barack Obama as his buddy/sidekick?  You might not think it would work.

But hey, having read it, it’s not bad.  And you know, in Midwestern English, “it’s not bad” can mean anything from “not so sure about that” to “awesome, dude.”  It’s pretty awesome.  Really.  If you’ve spent any time listening to Joe Biden talk (see below), you’ll laugh.  If you miss the buddies, you’ll have some fun.

Keep in mind, though, that Joe Biden is one of my fondest Iowa caucus memories.  My family and a friend from Turkey went over to someone’s backyard to meet Joe in 2008.  My son was a little guy and more interested in the hot dogs and balloons than Joe. (Great campaign staff, nice balloons, not enough stickers.)  Our friend from Turkey was impressed at how much Joe knew about the rest of the world but alarmed that anyone who believed in the Armenian genocide could run for president.  You clearly could ask Joe anything about the rest of the world, and he could hold forth for a half hour about it without making stuff up.  He might have had his imperfections, but you didn’t feel like World War III would start on his watch.  Ah, simpler times.

Hope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer

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One thought on “When you just can’t take it anymore

  1. Chris Knox says:

    I just read about this in Entertainment Weekly magazine! I put a request on it. Thanks!


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