Kindergarten, here we come!

circle rolls

Mrs. B., my favorite kindergarten teacher, sometimes tells the kids that they are so lucky I come to kindergarten, because I bring them fun, new books and work at the public library. (Ooooh! Ahhhhh!  Actually, almost no one is wow-ed by this, but once in a while a kid will say, “I GO THERE!”)  Really, I am just there because I cannot ever do enough to thank Mrs. B for being my kid’s teacher, and I like doing fingerplays and reading books with kids, so it all works out.

So I have a destination for this book.  Kindergarten.  There are shapes here, people.  Awesome, moving, dancing shapes.  The triangle points without any hands.  The octagon actually STOPs people.  And it rhymes, and that’s not annoying.  Heck, you could do a whole shape theme for a storytime.  Or a bulletin board.  Or a book display.

STOP!  Thank goodness for octagons.

Circle Rolls by Barbara Kanninen and Serge Bloch


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