Leave those spreadsheets behind, Duck

duck gets a jobDo four year olds really know what spreadsheets are?  Do they understand that grown-ups have jobs that seem boring and pointless, spending their time at work in cubicles papered with inspirational posters?  I’m not so sure.

This is most definitely a quirky book, one that might work beautifully with teenagers about to face the grim parts of adult life.  Avoid the spreadsheet jobs.  Be you.  That kind of thing.

Strangely, it might also work with the right younger kid, because it’s really all about how Duck must realize that Duck needs to just be Duck.  That might mean wearing tube socks and a bandana while skateboarding off to a new, better job, speeding right past all those downtrodden office ducks trudging along.  Go Duck! Be free!

Duck Gets a Job by Sonny Ross

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