Vacation. All I ever wanted.

golden glowSo here’s a fun thing.

I got home from an absolutely super-di-duper vacation in Montana, mostly at Glacier National Park, to find this book in my stack.  It would have been perfect for a little pre-trip (or post-trip) information on trees, plants & the mountain environment.  Did I realize this?  I did not.  But for any budding naturalists (and middle-aged library people), this might be just the thing to get interested in mountain plants and wildlife.  It’s a sweet and beautiful book either way.

Today I must also send a slightly geeky wave of friendliness out to public libraries in Columbia Falls, Montana and Whitefish, Montana.  I visited both while noodling around after some hiking and driving, and the staff at both were super nice and very friendly to this Iowan.  Go libraries!  We are cool everywhere!

Also, national parks are very cool.  We are so lucky to have these treasures to share with our families and friends.  We should value them and support them so that they’re here for those who come after us.

The Golden Glow by Benjamin Flouw

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