Peacenik wannabes, the real thing, and the choices we make every day

until tomorrowReenie and her brothers have just moved to Lake Liberty, a small town with just enough going on for people to have a lot of opinions.  It might be a small town where you’d rather not be noticed, especially if you are Reenie– a girl taking on a paper route at a time when girls don’t do that sort of thing, a girl who talks peace while mixing it up with some nasty town bullies, a girl who loves her older brother (who could be drafted into the Vietnam War) but knows enough about things to not want him to go.

Enter the mysterious Mr. Marsworth.  Over time, we get a picture of why he might be a bit of a recluse, but at first, he’s just a mystery for Reenie to solve.  And she’s persistent.

This book does a wonderful job of talking about patriotism and how we see it and live it out.  Reenie and her family have a lot of challenges along the way, because they are independent thinkers, and sometimes that makes you a target.  It might just be what Lake Liberty needs.  It might be what Mr. Marsworth needs, too.

It’s also a wonderful use of letters to develop the characters’ relationships – epistolary joy!

Until tomorrow, Mr. Marsworth by Sheila O’Connor

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