Good book, confusing title

inventors at no 8George might be the unluckiest boy in London.  He’s sure got lists of all the awful things that happen to him.  It’s only after someone tries to steal his last precious item that he connects with the future Ada Lovelace — now acknowledged as the computer programmer extraordinaire of the 19th century—before there even were computers as we know them.

It’s a steampunky kind of world we enter, with automatons, flying mechanical birds, airships, and the like.  You’re never quite sure who George can trust, but Ada is fierce and smart and sneaky, all the things you need in a sidekick that involves traveling to other countries, disguises, orangutans.  It almost makes you wonder why she wasn’t the main character.  Too interesting, maybe.

The only thing I found annoying about the book is the title.  George lives at No. 8 with his “man” Frobisher.  They are not what I would call inventors.  Ada is the inventor, but she lives across the street.  Very little of the book actually takes place at No. 8, since they are out and about trying to get the precious item back.  So I must be missing something.  Maybe it will all be explained in what is sure to involve a sequel?

The Inventors at No. 8 by A.M. Morgen

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