Wrinkles, time, love, Madeleine

becoming madeleineMy book club is reading A Wrinkle in Time for June, and because my to-be-read stack is so huge, I decided to re-read the Hope Larson graphic novel version for a change of pace.  I love the original, and when I re-read it, I always notice that I remember it differently than it actually is, and that happens with the graphic novel, too. I don’t mind one bit.  It’s wonderful both ways.

And then the other day, Becoming Madeleine landed on my desk at work – a biography of Madeleine L’Engle, written by two of her grandchildren.  The perfect pairing?  Oh yes!   There are journals, grade reports, and pictures. For fans, this is a wonderful look into one writer’s youth and early adult life, and a reminder that even the best writers are rejected and unsure of their talent sometimes.  A good reminder for all.

Becoming Madeleine by Charlotte Jones Voiklis and Lena Roy

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One thought on “Wrinkles, time, love, Madeleine

  1. Jennie says:

    Yes! I am so glad to see this book is released. Sounds like a must read!

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