Calling Prince Charming… anyone? Anyone?

Boy-Who-Went-MagicPrince Voss is just all kinds of bad decisions and misplaced anger, with a side of evil thrown in.  He’d be happy to join the Dark Side if it meant bringing his royal family (meaning him) back into complete control of, well, everything.

Sadly for him, pesky Young Bert and his extremely calm sidekick, Norton, are going to mess up the best of his evil plans.  Bert lives most of his life in a boarding school, trying to lie low and not be too noticeable, so being the center of any attention is not his happy place.

However, there will be a lot of excitement before this story is through.  Also an airship, a pirate called the Professor, and a smartypants girl named Finch to add to the fun.

There is magic, but this is not a lame trying-to-be-Harry-Potter-and-failing story.  It’s all its own and a wonderful ride.

The Boy Who Went Magic by A.P. Winter

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