Don’t be a surd

fish catWe have a running joke in our family.  When our now teenager was very, very little, his dad taught him the phrase, “Don’t be absurd!” because he thought it would be hilarious.  Being just a little guy, he usually said this, “Don’t be a surd, Daddy!”   Also funny.  Now I find that I am a surd pretty much all the time, since a large part of what comes out of my mouth is greeted with a lot of skepticism in this whole world of the absurd.

It fits so many situations.  This book is sure a little absurd, but entirely in a way that kids will enjoy.  Cat and Fish are kind of doing what you’d expect a cat and a fish to do, until Fish flies off.  Cat chases, across the room, through tunnels, up to the moon.  Ridiculous, yes, but somehow charming to see a cat ride a falling star back to Earth.

It’s also wordless, so it could be used in a lot of situations – for a writing prompt, with adult language learners, as something for a little one to read in the car by themselves.

The Fish and the Cat by Marianne Dubuc

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