Good surprises.

prince dressmakerLooking at the cover, I was not so sure if we were leaning towards traditional fairy tale or girl power story with this one.  But what the heck?  It’s a graphic novel, I thought.  It won’t be long, and I can always bail on it if it’s too sappy, I thought.

Then BOOM, several pages in I find myself thinking, “Welllllll, I was not expecting that.”  That might apply to a lot of things, but definitely fits this book.  It probably reveals some privilege and/or bias on my part that I was surprised, but that was quickly followed by thinking what an excellent story it really is.  There’s friendship, love, secrets, family drama.  This book has it all, along with some painful moments and realizations about growing up and becoming who we are meant to be.  They do live happily ever after, though, which is maybe the thing we should focus on and hope for, right?

The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang

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