Maisie Dobbs, back again

to die but onceMaisie Dobbs is one of those characters I almost wish I’d found after the series was done.  But that would mean I’d missed her all these years and that the series was done, which would be awful.

I always look forward to new Maisie adventures, even knowing that I have left many mystery authors behind after things just drag on too long.  I’m not sure how Maisie has missed this – we’re on book fourteen now, after all.  Some of it might have to do with the way she and the other regular characters have developed over time.   Time has passed in the novels, too, from her early days after World War I to this latest entry, which takes place at the beginning of World War II.

Whatever it is that keeps me with her, I’m grateful for the chance to reconnect with her for the brief time I can dive into a new story.  To Die But Once moves Maisie and the other characters towards new personal challenges while linking them to the changing times and storm clouds ahead.  To say much more would mean I’d be here for pages and pages.  Wonderful.

And now I wait.  Again.

To Die But Once by Jacqueline Winspear

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