You say tomato, I say tomahto

blue riderThis book is a masterpiece.  Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but it’s 100% groovy at a minimum.  It’s wordless – how I LOVE great wordless books! – and the art is delightful.  There’s so much in the early pages to look at, and then when the book and imagination take off, it’s like happy paintings are exploding on the page.

Your average kindergartner might interpret it a bit differently, however.  Seeing that wonderful blue horse with the long, colorful tail might lead them to say, “It looks like lightning is coming out of that horse’s butt!”  I’m pretty sure that’s not what the artist was going for, but you never know.  Perhaps Geraldo Valério has a sense of humor and an ability to look into a five year old’s not-so-deep thoughts.  Maybe the joke is on me, my friends.

So enjoy it as an adult or share it with a kid who can appreciate the bright, thrilling fun of it.  But maybe stay away from the cold medication while reading this one or prepare for giggles, lots of giggles.

Blue Rider by Geraldo Valério

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