Adventures in rhyming

yellow-kayak-9781534401945_hrI don’t usually seek out books that rhyme or have retro art in them.  I write poetry, but not rhyming poetry.  Almost anything I come up that rhymes is either completely predictable or cloyingly cutesy – like you sometimes see in children’s books.  It’s positively dreadful if you have to read it over and over and over to your toddler.  It will stay with you for years, long after your child has completely forgotten it.  Retro-looking art can also easily fall into stereotypes instead of taking the colors and lines and re-shaping them into something modern and fun.

So I came to this book just a wee bit jaded, friends.  Fortunately, I stayed for the orcas and the color and the great adventure inside.  A boy.  A giraffe.  A kayak.  I should have known it would be fun.

Yellow Kayak by Nina Laden & Melissa Castrillon


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