Come for the aphorisms, stay for the art

from the heartAfter reading this book, I tried – for about twenty seconds – to find some appropriate Midwestern or Iowa sayings on the level of the great ones in this book.  I only lasted twenty seconds, mostly because I haven’t had enough caffeine yet, so I can’t think of any on my own.  The first thing that seemed to fit my online search was heavily weighted towards Minnesota and Wisconsin, and the second was just some clickbait slideshow which kind of made fun of us goofy Midwesterners for calling water fountains “bubblers,” which, by the way, is a Wisconsin thing.  I’ve never known anyone in Iowa or Kansas who used that, so it’s not really Midwestern.  It’s state-limited.  So, I’m not up for heavy research today.  I’m not at work, people.  I’m just writing my silly blog, so I can let this research moment pass.

Having wasted a whole paragraph of your time already, I’ll be quick about the rest.  This is a beautiful book, and it’s full of wise sayings which are explained in simple and easy-to-understand language underneath.  You’ll know some of them already, but others may be new.  For kids who like inspirational quotes or teachers who are looking for a discussion on perseverance or community and the like, this one can be read all in one gulp or savored over a few days.

From the Heart of Africa: a book of wisdom by Eric Walters

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