Opening your eyes to the possibilities around you

Today we meet a bear, a sheep and an inventor-explorer—what could be better?

Mostly, Bunnybear’s a bear, but while there are a lot of great things about being a bear, Bunnybear also feels like a bunny – bouncy, light, happy.  The other bears find this a little weird, to say the least, and then when real rabbits actually appear, they don’t seem to appreciate the bunny in Bunnybear, either.  Well, phooey.  Then Grizzlybun shows up.  It turns out that the larger world of bunnies have some preconceived notions that don’t include loud and burly, so Bunnybear and Grizzlybun have something in common.  Finding each other means they have a friend and a path to a less limiting world of bunnies and bears.  Nice.

Lily Wool is whimsical in the same way Bunnybear is, although she bucks the conventions of sheep-dom by skipping through meadows, becoming a gymnast, learning to lasso, and playing Cupid.  The other sheep, however, are not so happy with Lily’s explorations into creativity with wool.  Does Lily give up?  She does not.  She even uses her new skills to open a business.  So there, boring sheep!

Norton and Alpha are inventors and explorers, always on the search for something new to repurpose or investigate.  When they come across a mysterious object, they pluck it from the ground, study it, and even x-ray it, but this thing doesn’t seem like anything they recognize.  And it has these funny roundish objects that fall out of it, too.  Hmmm.  Days pass, rain falls, things heat up, and by the time Norton and Alpha go out to collect again, a whole field of flowers has appeared.  Wonderful!

All would work nicely with younger kids who are starting to see how most everyone doesn’t fit into the expectations their world sometimes has for them.  Be who you are, they say, and don’t be afraid to be different or find something new to love.

Norton and Alpha by Kristyna Litten

Lily Wool by Paula Vásquez

BunnyBear by Andrea J. Loney and Carmen Saldaña

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One thought on “Opening your eyes to the possibilities around you

  1. Jennie says:

    These books look really good!


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