Some thieves are made of pastry

bandetteSometimes I write things just for me.  That title is one of them.  It’s a reference to a poem my husband wrote some years ago about souls and food.  It doesn’t make any sense here, but it makes me smile, and that’s what I need today.

You might also need a little escape from the usual, and Bandette’s your gal if you do.  One of my favorite librarians suggested I try the series during a long talk about middle grade books and graphic novels, and she is simply superb – both the librarian and Bandette.  Bandette is a thief, but she’s kind of a good guy.  There’s a competitive thing she has going with another thief, but her real focus seems to be taking down bad guys in spectacular and embarrassing ways.  She’s not a superhero exactly, but she is on call with the police department (like Batman) because of her fine detecting skills, and she is most definitely super in other ways.

There are three in the series right now, so start with Bandette: Presto! before reading the other two.  And take a quick trip to Paris and crime-fighting and pastry.  Bon voyage!

Bandette series by Tobin and Coover

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