Love, love, love

lovedelapenaThis little flurry of picture books about love has been wonderful – a reminder that even burnt toast and imperfections can be love and that we carry it with us wherever we go, maybe even picking up new things to wonder and love about as life moves on.  I’ll read this book to kindergartners and give it to the seniors graduating and talk about it endlessly to whoever will listen to me, because even in a world of lovely and special books, this one calls out.

It’s not a loud voice, but it’s one we might all need to hear in troubled times full of angry people and leaders who start with negatives.  We can speak out and march and remember that we live our daily lives and are evidence of the power of what good can do, too, even when it’s the burnt toast or a moment sitting on the couch together.  I know.  I’m a softie about this kind of thing, but read this book.  It will remind you, too, of the people and moments you love in your life and for at least a few minutes, you’ll forget the rest.

LOVE by Matt de la Peña and Loren Long

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One thought on “Love, love, love

  1. Jennie says:

    You describe the book perfectly. It is gentle, yet strong. No matter what, there is love. The illustrations are magnificent.

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