The end of the road

b3-logoSo, a few weeks passed.  I just realized this morning that we had the final vote on this year’s bracket and I didn’t even post the final bracket match-up!

The final two in this year’s bracket were Wonder and The Lightning Thief.   I was expecting Wonder to win, mostly because Mrs. S. had been reading it to the kids.  But in something of a landslide, The Lightning Thief prevailed.  As I talked with the kids, they had a few theories on how it won:

  • Everyone thought everyone else was voting for Wonder so they wanted to vote for The Lightning Thief.
  • Book series are more popular, since if you’ve read any of them, you might vote for the first one, while a standalone is just based on its own good or bad characteristics.
  • A lot of kids might have seen the The Lightning Thief movie, but the Wonder movie isn’t out yet.
  • Action is more popular than everyday stuff.

Who knows what the real reason was?  Not me!  This was the first year I had a fairly large group of kids who didn’t really fill out their ballots completely throughout the process, either marking only on one match-up or just not doing it at all.

The dynamic in the class was a little different than in the past, and there seemed to be only a handful of kids who really cared about it.  I’m hoping that was just THIS year’s group and not a trend.  I’m not sure if I’ll be back in 5th grade next year, since there will be a new teacher, and I’m really more connected with others in the building.  It makes me a little sad to leave that grade behind, but other opportunities are always opening up, so maybe something good will come of it!

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