Earth Day, every day

earth_book_jacket.jpgThere’s so much beauty in our world.  It hardly seems necessary to create art about it when it’s all around us, right?  But art (and poetry) create a beauty of a different sort, something that connects us to the greater world when your day is not filled with sunny, green, stunning mountain landscapes – when you’re more likely to be looking at strip malls and concrete.

The art in Make the Earth Your Companion takes the words of J. Patrick Lewis and, like a ripple in a pond, sends them out in layers of meaning.  Sounds kind of intellectually fancy, doesn’t it?  And yet, that’s exactly how the book felt to me.  I’d read the words and look at the illustrations, and just as I was turning the page, something extra would catch my eye–small details that could have been left out but weren’t, images that brought me back to the words.  Every page I found myself thinking that the next page could not possible be better, and then it was.  Beautiful, thought-provoking, and oh, so fancy.

Make the Earth Your Companion by J. Patrick Lewis and Anna & Elena Balbusso


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