Ways of looking

this-house-once-9781481442848_lgOnce in a while, I’m walking through my neighborhood and come upon a house – not a new house – but a house I have walked by hundreds of times.  Somehow, when I finally look at it on that particular day, I realize I’ve never really seen it before.  Where did that balcony come from?  How did it end up with those funny little windows?  Who thought sea green and yellow would be a good color combination?  You get the picture.  We see things all the time without really looking at them.

This house, once made me think about how little we consider structures around us, where they come from, and how they come to be.  Deborah Freedman is an architect as well as a writer, but this book is about more than the physical structure of a house.  It’s about the origins of what makes it all up – an oak tree, the stones, the bricks, the slate, the windows – and about what it all becomes.  It’s a quiet book with beautiful illustrations, and once you start thinking about it and looking out at your own world, your lamp or a garage or a pathway in a garden might just look a different, too.

This house, once by Deborah Freedman

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