Prepare for Exclamation Points and Action. Lots of Action.


If you are looking for heady emotional drama or a realistic portrayal of an average teen, don’t get this book.  That’s just not what it is.  Oh sure, there are moments of big drama.  A mother is kidnapped, a girl is suffering from injustice under a far-off dictatorship, and then there’s that time they jump down into a river with rapids, and – wait for it – yes! – a waterfall.  There are also teenagers in a high school, doing high school things.  But this is not your average group of teens.  This book has so much action that exclamation points somehow aren’t enough to convey the level of excitement.

It’s fun.  It’s fast.  There are secrets and lies and hacking and even an autumn dance.  Ok, that sounds silly.  But it’s a quick thrill ride with a teenaged superspy, and that can’t be all bad, right?

Ryan Quinn and the Rebel’s Escape by Ron McGee

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