outside-229x300If you time traveled back about 12 years ago, you could witness the joy and excitement wrapped up with this one word in our family:  OUTSIDE!  Always in capital letters and needing an exclamation point, often really shouted right before thump, thump, thump, thump, the run to the back door, we loved OUTSIDE! in our house.  Even if it meant bundling up in snow pants and coat and boots and hat.  Even when we might just be running around in circles on the driveway.  There were afternoons of building forts and lounge furniture.  (You might be surprised to find out how comfortable a snow sofa can be.) There were days of chasing the neighborhood bunnies and creating complicated chalk railroad tracks so that Thomas or Percy could escape Diesel 10.  We scootered around the block and looked for pennies in the dead drops we created.  We ate peas from the pod in the garden as we talked about how much we liked the weird purple flowers.  Yes, the past is a little rosy where OUTSIDE! is concerned.

Then, years later, you come across a book like Outside.  And it all comes back. A kid goes outside.  That’s all you need if you’ve got your imagination.  Giants and dragons can be found just a few steps from your home.  Masterpieces can be created from snow and trees and what you can dream up.  It’s all there, just waiting for you.  OUTSIDE!

Outside by Deirdre Gill

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One thought on “OUTSIDE!

  1. Chris Knox says:

    I remember staying outside, playing with my friends, until it got dark around 9 o’clock. We loved playing sports, and freeze tag. Having snowball fights in the winter. The good old days!

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