Two for the adventurous

Cinderstella is every nerdy girl’s dream.  Oh sure, she’s got to deal with the stepsisters and the clothes and everybody freaking out about the ball, but really, WHO CARES?  It’s a ball. It’s not rocket science, people, and rocket science is much more interesting.  Use your fairy godmother to do something cool like becoming an astronaut, for Pete’s sake.  And you might just bring your stepsisters and a few others along.

The Friend Ship is full of animals on a quest, animals who don’t realize they have already found what they’re looking for.  Hedgehog misunderstands “friendship” to be a literal “friend ship,” so Hedgehog heads out to sea in a ship that fills up quickly with other animals looking for the same thing.  They are having an awfully good time, these deer and bears and farm animals, and so will you.  Finding friends can be tough and confusing, much like an ocean voyage, but taking that risk and getting out there will bring unexpected and delightful rewards, right?

What’s great about both of these book is the way they deal with the journey that life is, the way you pick things up (map-reading, maybe an elephant) and keep moving and changing towards a future you might not even fully realize.  How wonderful to be able to think about the possibilities and dream of what might be?!

Cinderstella by Brenda S. Miles, Susan D. Sweet, and Valeria Docampo

The Friend Ship by Kat Yeh and Chuck Groenink

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One thought on “Two for the adventurous

  1. Teaisawishyourheartmakes says:

    This sounds so cute I’m going to have to get this for my niece 😃


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