Infographics to soothe the soul

animalsSome time ago, I taught a college class as an adjunct.  In a somewhat futile attempt to make working with numbers and data interesting and exciting, I did a mini-lesson on infographics and challenged the students to find an interesting way to visually represent some date on refugees and immigrants.  I brought in probably a dozen books, including a few by Steve Jenkins, to show them the really different and interesting ways you can get your point across using accurate information, color and images.  Was this successful?

Hmm.  Not really.  I mostly got back bar graphs and the occasional pie chart, even for a few things you can’t really use a pie chart to represent.  So it might have been a teaching fail, but it didn’t dampen my enthusiasm for great infographics.

When Animals by the Numbers popped up in my stack of holds this week, I could tell from the cover it would be a good one.  (The word “infographics” was my first clue…)  The facts are super cool—want to know about the loudest animals?  Woo hoo, you’re covered!  Whether it’s finding how the cheetah compares in speed to some superfast birds or understanding just how many insects there are in the world, there is a lot to learn here and a lot to look at.

It’s a big, weird world out there.  Get your nerdy hat on and get ready for some fun.

Animals by the Numbers:  a book of animal infographics by Steve Jenkins


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One thought on “Infographics to soothe the soul

  1. Chris Knox says:

    I found this book at the library. It is really cool! Thanks!


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