A twist in a tale

snow-whiteWith updated fairy tales out in space (Interstellar Cinderella), full of cyborgs (Cinder) and rad girls (The Sleeper and the Spindle), you might think we don’t really need more of the genre.  However, the beauty of the classic folk tale is that there are so many directions you can go – times, places, settings.

Matt Phelan’s take on Snow White is set before and  during the Great Depression, which might not initially seem like a good fit.  But really, he doesn’t even have to work hard to get you to buy into it.  Snow is the daughter of a wealthy man who remarries just before the Crash, the seven little men are street kids, and the prince is a police detective.  It all falls together perfectly, and there’s a happy ending.  Along the way, I loved the way the characters’ facial expressions and simple language actually made the story feel bigger.  It works on many levels, and I think it can be enjoyed that way, too.

Snow White: a graphic novel by Matt Phelan

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2 thoughts on “A twist in a tale

  1. Chris Knox says:

    This sounds really interesting! I put a hold on it. Thanks!


  2. Chris Knox says:

    I just finished this book, and it is great! Thanks, Sandy, for recommending this!


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