This is the book

inquisitorYou didn’t know you needed three magical children, a holy dog, an adventure with dragons, mishaps, danger, a variety of bad guys, an inquisitor, and oh, maybe the King of France – did you?  Monks, religious zealots, illuminated texts?  Really?

Oh yes, this is the book you have been waiting for.  You may need it to escape a day full of devices and computer screens or maybe just the onslaught of shrieking talking heads.  You might need to forget your workplace drama or a wicked boss or that annoying co-worker or student who comes to work sick and gives everyone else the flu.  Or maybe your family is driving you crazy, leaving glasses around the house, not turning off lights, having laundry crises, demanding snacks at all hours.  Who knows?

But this, this, is a book for a great escape. Find your porch swing, the chair under your favorite tree, the bed with the big pillows.  Settle in and hear the tale of Jeanne, William and Jacob, and their journey across France to right wrongs and settle a few scores.  You won’t be sorry you did.

The Inquisitor’s Tale – or, the three children and their holy dog by Adam Gidwitz

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