I am Spartacus. Or Bigfoot. One of those.


You might not have ever watched Spartacus with Kirk Douglas, but you’ve seen your Spartacus moment if you’ve watched Radio Rebel (on Disney and also Netflix) or Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  It’s the ultimate “we stand together” moment in even the goofiest movie, and now Jennifer Weiner has found a way to use it, beautifully, in The Littlest Bigfoot.

Millie and Alice seem like outsiders in everything they do.  One has parents who are not the least bit interested in her; she keeps getting sent to boarding schools where the other kids make her life hell.  The other is an outsider among the Yare, known to us No-Furs (humans) as Bigfoot.  They keep to themselves and have for hundreds of years.

I admit that The Littlest Bigfoot had a slow start for me.  I’ve not been finding as many books I love lately, and my patience is a bit thin.  But once you’re off, you’re running with this one.  There might be Bigfoot enthusiasts/hunters nearby – will Millie stumble onto one of them?  And then Alice gets a new roommate who delights in being mean.  And then the local news shows up.  You get the idea.

What’s beautiful about this book is the way the emotions of the characters are so clearly drawn.  They feel trapped in their lives and want to find a way to be something else without losing the few things that make them happy.  Yet it’s not a sad book at all.  There is excitement and joy and hope, and it carries the story along, creating something that makes us all feel a little happier about who we can be if we just try.  Nicely done.

The Littlest Bigfoot by Jennifer Weiner



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