2 stories about stories

I Am A Story – Dan Yaccarino

Follow a red bird as it travels through history, and you will see what a story can be.  Whether illuminated by monks or shared in a public library, by a campfire, or in a crowd on the street, stories go with us.  Banning, censoring and burning doesn’t stop them; technology doesn’t leave them behind.  This one is definitely worth a look as a conversation starter about how storytelling has changed in different cultures and across the centuries.

A Child of Books – Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston

“I am a child of books.  I come from a world of stories and upon my imagination I float.”  It seems like a simple concept:  a girl leading a boy, a new friend, on a trip through stories.  On one level it is simple, and then you look more closely at the pictures.  Words are used to make mountains and branches, fill out a monster, and create a rope to climb down from a castle.  (Using the words from Rapunzel to make the rope – genius!)  The clouds of song are words from lullabies.  There’s so much to love in this for word lovers and story lovers and artists and dreamers.  And I will use my imagination, friends, to find a reason to buy this one and share it with children of all ages.  I’ve already mentioned it to a few!


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