3 sweet and funny picture books to lighten up your fall

When the political ads and life’s dramas make you feel a little cranky and down, take a minute and check out these silly reads:

The Very Fluffy Kitty, Papillon by A.N. Kang – Papillon is so darn fluffy, he floats!  Not even the most ridiculous costume can anchor him, and one day, he follows his heart and drifts away, following a new friend on an adventure.  A delightfully sweet ending ensues.

King Baby by Kate Beaton – King Baby is a bit of a tyrant, at times benevolent and loving, but extremely demanding on occasion, too.  Anyone who’s spent time around an infant lately will laugh a little to see the exhausted parents and King Baby, who wants “not this thing! The other thing!”  Does he look just the slightest bit maniacal at times?  Perhaps, but he is on his way to greater things.

I Will Not Eat You by Adam Lehrhaupt and Scott Magoon – Theodore is a bit of a mystery, hiding out in a cave, not particularly interested in any of the many potential dinners that walk by.  Then a pesky boy arrives.  A nice snack or a new friend?  “I can always eat him later, thought Theodore.” Perfect.




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