Lost and found


Lucy is a dog, lost and trying to survive after an adventure took her too far from home.  Eleanor is lost, too, with a distracted father to complicate things.  (Where do the dishes and snow globes go?)  Sam is the juggler, her dad, trying to literally and figuratively keep all the balls in the air in a soul-sucking job, dreaming of success.

It’s a little hard to categorize Lucy.  At first glance, it’s a picture book, maybe just a really long one.  But as you read, you notice it’s split into acts.  Is it a play or a movie?  A graphic novel?  Does it matter?

The illustrations carry you along.  (Although it’s completely different, I had some Harry the Dirty Dog flashbacks, which made me like it even more.) The story repeats itself just enough to having you looking for subtle changes in each new day.  Will they find each other?  They will.  Will they find what they’re looking for?  Yes, perhaps.  Will you love it?  You will.

Lucy by Randy Cecil

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