The Theory of All Small Things


Florian is always a fish out of water in a new place, and he’s seen a lot of them.  Fortunately, when he moves to D.C., he meets Margaret, a neighbor who happens to go to his new school and who quickly clues into the power of Florian’s TOAST – the theory of all small things.  They make a great team, it turns out, and begin to see things that add up to big trouble.  The F.B.I gets involved, there are international art thieves to find, and you might even come across a nifty gadget or two.  Yippee skippy!

Florian is a little like the Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes.  Tiny details pile up until the obvious is overshadowed by a clear picture of what’s really going on.  He makes a few mistakes, but is aware enough to realize when he’s been had.  It’s super fun to follow along, and James Ponti sets it all up so that even regular mystery readers will miss the meaning of some of the details until they’re revealed.

Will there be more TOAST mysteries?  I’m thinking the big number one on the spine means a yes here.  Look at me, using my crime-fighting skills to decipher that.  Let’s hope so.  I’m definitely hungry for more.

Framed!: a TOAST Mystery by James Ponti

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