Breaking into a Swiss bank? Sign me up.

inside jobHere’s a teen superspy I’d like to meet.  He speaks 11 languages, can break into safes and loves to plan complicated operations.  His younger sister is an explosives experts.  His parents, of course, are missing – aren’t they always? – but he’s got a few somewhat reliable adults in the picture and friends who will help him.  In the previous book in this series, Double Cross, he realized he had been raised by the bad guys.  Now, he and his friends are trying work from the outside to disable his previous “employers.”  It’s tough without the same resources, but that’ll just make him more creative, right?

It’s a fun ride, and Hale is not the super suave, cool and unflustered teen superspy you might see in other books of this type.  He’s got flaws, lots of them, but he’s also got a big heart and a weakness for all the right things.  He can outthink the bad guys one more time, can’t he?

There might also be some gate-crashing, a show dog with a secret, and mysterious messages, so get ready…

The Inside Job by Jackson Pearce

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