Artsy fun

“Roy’s living room has a great big couch.  There is room for many friends.”  Roy’s House by Susan Goldman Rubin (with art by Roy Lichtenstein)

 I’m not an art teacher, but if I were, I would be tracking down Susan Goldman Rubin and demanding that she make books about all my favorites.  Apparently, she’s already checked Andy Warhol, Wayne Thiebaud, Jacob Lawrence, Henri Matisse & Rene Magritte off that list.  This one, chock full of Roy Lichtenstein’s furniture, food and even a sponge, is the perfect introduction to pop art.

Near, Far by Silvia Borando

Meanwhile, over at the zoo, Silvia Borando has been playing around with “near” and “far” as opposites.  There aren’t any words in this one, but you don’t need them, since you’re really just zooming in and out on extremely bright animals.  Can you figure out what they are?  (I was only right once, but I need a nap.  A three year old could probably get most of them with no trouble.)

Although they’re very different books visually, what’s nice about these two together is that just looking at them makes ideas bubble up.  What would your house look like in a comic book?  Can you make a near/far set of pictures that would fool people?  How can you use color and size to make things look interesting?  Where are my markers?  The nap can wait.

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