Sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you

luckyHere’s a list of things you might not be looking for in a book:

  • Spunky orphans, especially girl orphans
  • Historical fiction about people getting by in the Great Depression
  • Teenagers who smoke
  • Gas stations before they become known as “convenience stores”
  • Characters named Earle or Dudley
  • Any mention of the War Between the States
  • Saviors who roll into town (literally) and are described as a bum or a mongrel

So you might not be looking for Lucky Strikes.  But you might want to give it a try anyway.  It’ll grow on you.  The main characters—orphaned kids—just want to figure out a way to keep running the gas station (as they’ve been doing throughout their mother’s illness) and stay together.  There’s a bad guy who wants to take over their station at any cost.   There are all kinds of local color and slightly unbelievable happenings.  People lie.  Things get screwed up.  It’s hard to see how it will all end well, and maybe it won’t.  But the ride is a fun one, and it’s different from almost everything I’ve read lately, which makes for a nice change.

Lucky Strikes by Louis Bayard

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