Picture books for a lazy, silly day


Sometimes the to-be-read pile of chapter books is just too big and daunting, and a stack of new picture books is exactly what I need.  Today’s batch was especially fun – packed with interesting art, quirky characters and fun stories – so settle in for some oohs, some ahs, a few sighs and many giggles.

The Not So Quiet Library by Zachariah Ohora – You might not know this about libraries, but donuts with sprinkles go especially well with them on Saturday mornings, as long as you keep the icing off the pages and can keep the monsters out.

Splashdance by Liz Starin – Ursula the Bear has dreams of winning a water ballet competition until the sign goes up –NO BEARS ALLOWED.  What?  No way!  And an unwanted bear might just do something dangerous like crashing the competition.  Look out, animal separatists.  She is Ursula.  Hear her roar.

Secret Agent Man Goes Shopping for Shoes by Tim Wynne-Jones & Brian Won – “Shoe Store Man looks shifty. ‘Frisk him,’ says S.A.M.”  Hilarious.  You will definitely find something to chuckle at if you have ever created your own Plans for World Domination.

It Came in the Mail by Ben Clanton – If you have ever dreamed of more interesting mail arriving at your house, this book is for you.  Dragons?  Pigs?  Pickles?  Excellent.

City Shapes by Diana Murray and Bryan Collier – In this beautifully illustrated book, we follow a young girl’s journey through a city full of color and shapes.  This book is the perfect prompt for your own shape scavenger hunt.

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