Everyone has a first day, even the school

schoolsfirstdayThis time of year, everyone is starting to shift into back-to-school mode, thinking about school supplies, new classes, new friends and first day jitters.  It’s wonderful to come across a new way to talk about first days, and I’m a fan of both Adam Rex (The True Meaning of Smekday) and Christian Robinson (Last Stop on Market Street), so I was excited to see their new collaboration, School’s First Day of School. 

Frederick Douglass Elementary is the new school on the block, and it’s not sure about what’s going to happen when children start coming every day.  Are children a good thing?  When the first day finally arrives, there are so many children everywhere, and they bump and stick things on the walls and snort milk out of their noses at lunch.  Sigh.

The art is perfect – children of all shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities – simple but bright and colorful, just as you’d hope the first day would be.  The story is also perfect, full of gentle humor and giving adults a great way to talk about how hard that transition can be.  Frederick Douglass Elementary is a little uncomfortable with all the new people.  What do you think about all the new people you see?  It could work on a first day, for the 100th day (How do you feel about school now compared to the first day?) or even the end of the year (Do you feel different about our school now?).

School’s First Day of School by Adam Rex & Christian Robinson

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