Two Journeys

You might read There is a Tribe of Kids for a lot of reasons.  Maybe you like to talk about the English language and some of its wonderful words for different groups of animals – a tribe of kids (goats), an army of caterpillars, a pod of whales.  Maybe you love Lane Smith’s art – don’t miss the smack of jellyfish and family of stars.  Maybe you have been talking about traveling or seeing new things.  Whatever your reasons, pick this one up, take some time with it, share the beauty of it all, and then do it again.  You’ll have missed a few things that will delight you on a second read, and maybe a third read, too.

Faith Ringgold shares a journey of a different kind in We Came to America.  Who are the people living in the United States and how did they all get here?  Whether they were here first or fled their homeland or came as slaves in chains, they all share this land now.  “Every color, race, and religion, from every country in the world…”  This book is a nice way to share the diversity of our country and our world, and creates an opportunity to talk with kids about what really makes America great.  (Perfect, perhaps, for the 4th of July or election season?)

There is a Tribe of Kids by Lane Smith & We Came to America by Faith Ringgold

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One thought on “Two Journeys

  1. Chris Knox says:

    Thank you! I enjoyed, “There Is a Tribe of KIDS,” by LANE SMITH. My dad & I like the names for different groups of animals. Like, “a murder of crows,” for example. Thanks!


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