Wonder Woman – outsider, insecure, bad at flying?

wonder womanImagine The Diary of a Wimpy Kid + Dork Diaries + DC super heroes + boarding school, and you pretty much have the new DC Super Hero Girls series.  It could all go horribly wrong, easily and quickly, but somehow they were smart enough to get Lisa Yee to sign up for this gig, and it’s exactly what it should be – light, fun, surprisingly quirky.

Wonder Woman, you see, is the new girl at school.  She’s got a lot of new things to learn, she thinks too literally, she doesn’t fly straight when she gets nervous, being the center of attention sometimes gets uncomfortable.  She wants to be the best and do her best, but life at Super Hero High is so different from the island of Amazons she knows and loves.

This is a certain kind of book, and it’s clearly going to be part of a series targeted at a girl power crowd, possibly to rope them into caring more about comics and potentially buying more comics?  However, with Lisa Yee telling the story, it’s super chatty, silly, and still kind of touching at moments.  It’s not deep and thought-provoking, but sometimes you need a break from the drama, right?  This is super fun in more ways than one.

Wonder Woman at Super Hero High by Lisa Yee

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