4 for the garden lover

CuriousGardenCover I was telling someone about Peter Brown’s The Wild Robot–an excellent read which I can’t seem to shut up about these days—and I started thinking about The Curious Garden, a picture book of his from some time ago.   That steered me to thinking about other picture books about gardening, which led me to making a list.  It doesn’t include some classics, I know, but while the onions are starting to peek out of the ground and the lettuce is popping up, these are good ones for a little spring book party. Enjoy!

  • The Curious Garden by Peter Brown. I’ve read this one to many different ages of kids, and I always enjoy it.  (They do, too.)  In addition to the message about taking care of the world and making it beautiful with plants, you can talk about how the alittle honeybeert moves the story along, moving it from a dark, gray world to a light-filled one.
  • Little Honey Bee by Jane Ormes.
  • Counting in the Garden by Emily Hruby/Patrick Hruby. Both are counting books with a lot going on beyond the words.  Little Honey Bee is filled with the color and action going on as spring arrives and everything outside seems to be in motion.  (The flaps open to reveal more things to count as you go.)  Counting in the Garden shows what’s going on above and below the dirt level with bright and cheery flowers, vegetables, butterflies, and other things.CountingInTheGarden_cover_2048x2048 (2)
  • Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner/Christopher Silas Neal. This one also shows life above and below ground, although you’re traveling through the seasons in this one.   It’s less about one time of year than the whole cycle of life, but it would work well for any season you’re talking about with kids.  upitgaditd-lge
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