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some birds

I’ve been looking through books for a story time I’ll be doing in a few weeks, and I’ve come across a few which call out to the artist in me.  They’re very different books, yet the art in them all adds to and carries the story along.

Some Birds (by Matt Spink) is a rhyming book, but, as far as I’m concerned, the rhyme is just there to speed the bright color and visual jokes along.  The birds practically jump off the page at you in their busy flying, waddling, swooping and soaring, and the other touches bring it all together.  So fun!

Spot, the Cat (by Henry Cole) is a quite a contrast to Some Birds, incredibly detspot-the-cat-9781481442251_lgailed and with so much going on that it really is hard to spot Spot sometimes.  This is a book to linger over with a slightly older child, looking at all the extras on an unhurried afternoon.

The White Cat and the Monk (by JoEllen Bogart/Sydney Smith) is not your typical picture book for kids.  It’s based on a poem by an Irish monk writing in the 9th century.  The art compliments the story here, too, bringing a simple poem about a cat to one kind of reader, but a walk through the life of a religious person of a different age to another.  The art is both classic and cartoony, which somehow works wonderfully here.Groundwood Logos Spine


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