Trying not to be the center of attention? Don’t be The Last Boy at St. Edith’s


What if?  What if you were one of the only boys at an all-girls school?  What if you didn’t like it?  At all?  What if you sort of had to stay there, since your dad wasn’t involved in your life and your mom worked at the school, meaning you got free tuition?  And then the last of the other guys left?  Where would that leave you?

Jeremy tries to find a way out, hoping to finally be some kind of normal, which is never going to happen at St. Edith’s.  His friend Claudia helps by organizing some pranks.  He’s sure he’ll get expelled and then be free to go to some other school where he won’t stick out.

And here’s where the book gets interesting to me.  Instead of going down the road to wacky, slip-on=the-banana-peel, silly humor, Jeremy wavers.  He wonders if he’s doing the right thing.  Will his pranks hurt other people?  Does he really want to lose his friends or embarrass his mom?  Would  he really want to go to a school where the boys might not even like him, ending up even more alone?

For kids who can’t even imagine an all-girls or all-boys school, or a private school with uniforms, this is an interesting peek into a different world.  Jeremy’s not perfect, and neither are his friends (mostly girls, obviously), but they’re more nuanced and well-drawn than you might predict based on the book flap.  Worth a look.  Definitely worth a look.

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